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Advice from the saddle

With the season about to commence for the bike riders here's something to bear in mind when travelling on rural roads. A few years ago I was riding in North Yorkshire on my advance test, riding a Pan European motorcycle, and having the benefit of radio communication with the examiner I was given directions . We were in the vicinity of Croft race course, and I noticed that the road was a single undivided carriageway bounded by hedgerows on either side. Now it was in November so most of the fields had been ploughed and the road surface was dry, and free from mud and deposits...or so I thought. There is a sharp 90 degree right hand bend ahead with zero visibility due to a high hedge, so no cross view. Bearing in mind always expect the unexpected what I was confronted with as I slowed down for the bend was quite frankly amazing. Without warning I was then confronted by large boulders , mainly the construction material of a dry stone wall which had migrated a cross the carriageway after some Dingestow had driven into the wall depositing all over the road. Luckily for me I had slowed down to a reasonable speed and was able to avoid an impact because the thoughts going through my mind were" This is going to hurt" and "This is going to be expensive!" One of the stones did flick up and hit the bike but no real damage was done to me or the machine While thus was happening I heard in my headset" B****y Hell ! I have never seen a wall across the road before" I will admit I was a bit taken aback but carried on and completed the test, but I only achieved silver, however I was just happy to get back in one piece. So always expect the unexpected and be able to stop in the distance you can see to be clear, in this case only a few metres.

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