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Profiles!  Andy Trevor

My first car experience at 13 years old was on Southport beach with my cousins Ford 3.0L Capri. The doughnuts that thing did with it been rear wheel drive with me driving was ace!!!!


Those long gone days were great fun, it would appear I was also practicing my dance move with 'Agadoo - Push Pineapple, shake the Tree'...or maybe preparing to ride a BMW...

My first contact with motorcycles was back in the early 80's with my dad's Honda 50, he taught me the very basics on balance and control. Loved that powerful red 50cc machine, however I quickly moved up to bigger things!


I must have oil or petrol for blood, because I have always enjoyed driving and riding, qualifying years ago, before I became a car driving instructor as a LGV driver, driving in the UK and on the continent.  This qualification saw part of my driving career as an instructor for the Humberside Fire & Rescue Service.


I still do a bit of LGV driving - just to keep my hand in!

Look at my dirty DAF!


Currently I have my own driving school teaching car learners.

It's interesting day to day meeting different people with different skill levels

I am married to Andrea and I have two children, Georgia who I taught to drive and Charlie who I will soon be learning too. 

I'm also a huge fan of Hull City - and no, I didn't teach Dean Windas to drive!


Always wanting to develop myself, I looked at different organisations for advanced driver training and chose Rospa, the plan for me was to personally improve my driving.

Then I realised my skills I had picked up could help my learners to pass there DVSA test


The local group was called ERY RoADAR back in 2009, I went along to a few meetings then fully joined in 2010.

The group went through some ups and downs and in 2017 became E-YARD.

I have met some great friends who have helped me with driver/rider training, coffee drinking and cake eating. 

I have had several RoSPA tests with Silver and Gold qualifications in driving and recently riding.

I have been a car tutor for the group for quite some time and have been involved in extra training in house with the Driver Progressive Development Program.

As part of my ongoing personal development, when the group had a weekend training session in Scotland in 2018 I went, on my motorcycle - a lot of the skills are interchangeable - and E-YARD trained with another local group joining us to help out. I was then told I should consider becoming a motorcycle tutor by Colin, an advanced tutor from the Scottish group. 


I love training so it makes sense for me to carry on helping others whatever there skill level.

Qualifying as a bike tutor has opened another element of training for me which I also enjoy. 

Hopefully I come across as a decent bloke who likes a good laugh and basically likes driving/riding. 


Good luck with your training and remember I have 1 sweetner in my latte. 

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