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Yorkshire Advanced Riders & Drivers
Driver Training Overeview

When you join the group as an Associate you will receive:

  • A copy of RoadCraft - The Police Drivers Handbook

  • A copy of the current Highway Code

  • An E-YARD Associate Training Log

Your RoadCraft book is your reference book and everything you learn will be based on the techniques, drills and systems described.

Your Tutor will discuss, describe and help you understand and develop the System of Car Control using RoadCraft.

You will learn how to concentrate, observe, anticipate and plan your drive, utilising information on the road, other road users, road signage and other tell tale signs including those described in the Highway Code.

At the conclusion of each session your training log will be completed by your Tutor who will assess the areas as outlined in the Examiners handbook and suggest development requirements based on their observations.

When your Tutor feels you are ready for test a Pre Test Assessment will be offered which will effectively be a mock test with a current examiner.

All training is free of charge, however your tutor may appreciate a tea or coffee as you will undoubtedly debrief where all day breakfasts are served!

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