Covid 19 E-YARD Policy

E-YARD follows Government policy regarding the Covid 19 Coronavirus.

We take our lead from RoSPA HQ regarding how and what we are able to deliver.  

In line with current guidance our motorcycle training is conducted with adhernce to social distancing.  By its nature motorcycling gives a certain amount of security due to the wearing of helmets and being on seperate machines during the practical aspects of training.  Tutors are following guidelines when delivering feedback and review.  This will be conducted at a safe distance (2 metres) or by the use of face covering/mask where appropriate and with the consent of both parties.  Feedback and review will take place in outdoor areas.

Motorcar training is allowed under current guidelines, but will only take place where agreement to do so is agreed between the tutor and associate.  The wearing of face covering/masks will be encouraged for both parties, and where appropriate windows should be rolled down (safety permitting)  Associates are asked to sanitize their vehicle before allowing a tutor inside the cabin. 

There is no pressure on tutors or associates to undertake training at the present time, due to the Covid 19 situation

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RoADAR East Yorkshire 

East Yorkshire Advanced Riders & Drivers meetings take place at 1930hrs on the fourth Wednesday of each month - the venue is Beverley & East Riding Golf Club, Anti Mill Road, Beverley Westwood, HU17 8RG 

The meetings incorporate group business with the emphasis on RoadCraft theory sessions, guest speakers or varying aspects of road safety or general information.

Members are sent reminders and other information by our Facebook page, Twitter, Text, the site blog, and Calendar.

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