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Once you join E-YARD the tuition is free. 

Training is arranged at mutually acceptable days and times, not rigid like some organisations.  This flexibility gives the trainee (Associate) the advantage and opportunity to develop at their own pace under one tutors observation - they will develop strengths through this consistency and address development needs.  Again this one to one approach provides the associate with stability rather than changing trainers every session.

Associates will periodically, or pre-test, be observed by another tutor, advanced tutor or examiner to ensure an independent view of the associates level of achievement and development.

There are a lot of ad-hoc meetings, usually arranged through Facebook throughout the year. Some are used as additional training sessions, others as purely social events.

E-YARD meet regularly for social ride outs in addition to the one-to-one tuition provided by our first class Group Motorcycle Tutor group.


Ride.Train. Socialise.

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